Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Craigslist A Girl's Best Friend

I just love Craigslist - I need to stay off of it, but I just cannot help myself.

So last night I was searching and found some great primitive Chairs.

The first one - I really want this - anyone living in Northwest Ct - driving to Maryland - let me know.

Second is a set of Johnston Benchworks Wing Chairs... I absolutely love Johnston Benchworks - I need another living room, but would love to have these.


  1. Hi Nikki...I just Googled Johnston Benchworks/Craigslist and found your blog and this latest post...I also happen to be the lucky person that bought the two Johnston Benchwork's wing chairs you mentioned that were listed on Rochester's Craigslist! Small world huh? Too funny...They are absolutely beautiful...I don't think they were ever even sat in, so they were a real steal. Feel free to visit my blog at Debra

  2. I have gently used Johnson Benchwork furniture to sell. any ideas of the best way to find a buyer?