Thursday, July 29, 2010

Blanket Box/Wood Box

I plan on going to a couple of antique auctions this weekend looking for samplers and such. What I really want is a blanket box/wood box. I have not been able to find much about them. They are about 62 inches long and 19 inches high. From what I know - they have two hinged lids and maybe they were used for holding firewood in the earlier days. Not sure though... I search wood box in antiques and I get a million things. If anyone knows more about these boxes, please let me know. There is an antique store near the beach - they want $3,000 for it - I thought I was going to fall on the floor. I was so hoping they would say $500, I would have been on my way to pick it up. LOL


  1. Wow, you don't usually come across them this long. I have only seen one once at an antique mall in PA. It was the best blue and they wanted an arm and leg for that one too.
    Good luck on your search.

  2. I have a blanket chest like this one...
    mine has a 2 section lid
    it is 16" high and about 40" in length..
    it is pretty old but in great condition
    I may be interested in selling it.

  3. Sept. 2,2012...I a blanket chest/wood box for sale like the one you are looking for.
    I am in Noth Carolina