Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Yard Sale Items and Samplers

I have been busy antiquing and going to yard sales. This past weekend - I hit a great yard sale in my neighborhood. I got an old sugar mold and cutting board for $2 a piece - I will post pictures later. I should have been there 15 minutes earlier - the couple said they had a lot of antique kitchen pieces that an antique dealer purchased. They had great prices on everything. Very happy with my purchases.

I have also been looking at purchasing old needlework samplers - wow I did not realize the price of some of them. If any of you know the ins and outs of the old samplers, please let me know. I know a lot of the reproductions are starting to look like the old ones, so I am trying to do my research first. I figured I have a gameboard wall down my hallway - I am going to make a sampler wall in my living room. LOL, it will take me years to collect enough.

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  1. I got started with samplers the same way...twenty years ago. Now have nearly a hundred; some of which have been published. I encourage you to read all you can. Educate yourself and you can still find some good bargains. You might want to pick a particular type or region for cohesiveness...I have one wall of all miniatures and one of Southern.